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Project Summary

The project “For me, for All” addresses the topic of inclusion, participation in physical activity (PA) and health promotion, according to the EU Guidelines. In this segment, “For me For all” aims to include children and adolescents at risk in sport using former elite athletes as tutors, providing the possibility of carrying out internships in clubs, promoting equality in opportunity and access, inclusion and equity of children and adolescents at risk in all their areas of life. The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. to develop equal opportunities for access to sports of children and adolescents at risk;

  2. conceive and develop opportunities for the inclusion of children and at risk in sports in order to promote socialization with peers, promoting important values in their development through internships;

  3. to train the target audienceabout the importance of physical activity as a promoter of physical and mental health, implementing healthy lifestyle habits, through the promotion of life skills;

  4. to train or tutoring emotional intelligence strategies in order to be transmitted to the target audience;

  5. develop strategies that lead to a transition in healthy life stages due to the end of the career.

Thus, “For me For all” will bring together European sports institutions to certify former elite athletes (tutors) and promote the opportunity for the inclusion of children and adolescents (trainees) in sports through life skills development. Before the beginning of the program, the situation of each institution for the care of children and young people at risk and the availability of participation in the project will be assessed, authorizations will be requested in clubs for the integration of children in training and games, and tutors will be trained and certified to intervene and accompany the target audience through a training program in several European countries.

Project Partners:

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