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3IN Heroes of LRSE

3IN - Heroes of LRSE project aims to create a system where people with disabilities can play sport at sports providers coordinated by municipalities under the auspices of the Local Responsible Sports Enterprise initiative, using an innovative online sports booking system.


The Local Responsible Sport Enterprise (LRSE) initiatives will be implemented in three local authorities, enabling people and groups with disabilities to play sport for free at local sports facilities. The motivation of the sports providers participating in the programme will be ensured by promotional communication and marketing activities provided by the municipality in exchange for the free sporting facilities.

Three other NGOs with expertise in sustainability, digitisation of sport, social inclusion and equal opportunities will support municipalities in developing initiatives and will participate in the training of LRSE coordinators and the development of initiatives. In addition, the Bulgarian Paralympic Association will also be an associate partner in training staff working on the initiatives, in order to develop sport for people with disabilities in the most effective way. The six-partner consortium will be supported by an innovative online sports booking system, further developed under a previous Erasmus+ project, which will make sport simple and accessible for athletes and administration for sports businesses.

Promoting social inclusion in this way could pave the way for the social inclusion of further disadvantaged groups in the field of sport (for example, in the case of Debrecen, the integration of Ukrainian refugees), in parallel with the involvement of more sport enterprises in the programme. The promotion of the initiative will also bring additional benefits for the participating sport enterprises, as it will increase their visibility among potential target groups, while demonstrating responsible citizenship and the implementation of the EU's core values of equality and solidarity.



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