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Green Sports Games

Green Sports Games (eye G) is an 18-month Small Collaborative Partnership Sports Project, offers training and a set of a practical “green sports” activities.



This project aims to “Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills Development” and, in particular, as an impact method in human behavior for a greater critical awareness and environmental sustainability under the field of Sports with the focus given to grassroots sport, by enabling the young people, youth workers and sports grassroots organizations to developed sports for doubly healthy earnings lifestyle and environmental policy.


Promote non-formal education through sport with focus on skills development and by that changing human behavior or attitudes for a greater critical environmental awareness:Through sports grassroots organizations, contribute to a good Governance of sport at the local level associated with the consciousness of the finitude of environmental resources;Through a more critical sportive practice awareness of environmental resources, create a sense of belonging around the Green Sports concept.


The project goals/objectives, were implemented according to the conceptual model of the Processes of Citizen participation where it includes the individual’s qualities (namely psychological empowerment), community environment or empowering setting (e.g, green sports activities at grassroots level), and the interaction of these (sense of community, citizen participation).


Main results achieved by the project:One Strategies and Tools for Effective Green Citizen Participation with Traditional Sports and Games Handbook;One Green Sports Manager’s Guidelines: Citizen Participation Evaluating;One Green Sports Games Action Plan;Training Local Communities through training days activities;Implementation of Pilot Local P-Days actions; Official Local P-Days actions, and; European P-Days actions.



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