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Paragreen Movement

"The Paragreen Movement" promotes sustainability in para-sports across Europe through a green code label, training, and eco-friendly events.


The "Paragreen Movement" project aims to promote environmental sustainability in para-sports across Europe by providing a green code label for para-sport clubs and organizations and offering assistance to implement sustainable practices. The project has five Work Packages (WP), starting with project management and coordination (WP1) and followed by the development of a Green Code Label (WP2), capacity building (WP3), implementation of sustainable practices in para-sport events (WP4), and dissemination and visibility (WP5). The project involves more than 400 participants from various organizations across Europe, including para-sports clubs, universities, and NGOs.

WP1 focuses on establishing the project team, communication and coordination, budget and resource management, risk assessment, and monitoring and evaluation. WP2 aims to create a green code label for para-sport clubs and organizations, promote sustainable practices, and provide assistance in implementation. WP3 focuses on creating educational materials and providing training and education on sustainable practices for para-athletes, coaches, and trainers. WP4 aims to increase the number of environmentally friendly para-sport competitions and events by implementing ecologically friendly practices and creating a network of clubs and organizations for para-sports in Europe that focus on sustainability. Finally, WP5 aims to inform target audiences, stakeholders, and partners about the project's goals, results, and effects through various dissemination tools.

The intervention strategy involves the provision of a comprehensive set of resources and guidelines for para-sport clubs to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. The training and education programs will be implemented for athletes and coaches to enhance their understanding of sustainable practices in para-sports. The project will raise awareness among stakeholders and partners to garner increased support.



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