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Women Empowerment Through Sport

“Women empowerment through sport” (WETS) is a 24 months Capacity Building in the field of Youth project


“Women empowerment through sport” (WETS) is a 24 months Capacity Building in the field of Youth project, which involved 6 organisations from Europe (Bulgaria and Italy), Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) and Asia (Nepal and Philippines). The project developed, tested and speed new educational methodologies for women empowerment through sport and enhanced the capacity of the partner organisations and the involved individuals. During the project:- the partners shared, transfered, improved and developed tools and practices for young women empowerment through sport.- youth workers and leaders were trained on non formal education and how to use sport to empower young women.- the partners created a web-page, which is serveing as a communication platform for all partners even after the end of the project.- a long-term sustainable trans-continental network of organisations working toempower young women through sport was created. - the state of young women empowerment programs in the involved countries was researched and general research for all involved countries was conducted. - the partners brought social change through Awareness raising activities and Sport event “Women empowerment through sport” on national level in the involved countries, regional and world level.In order to reach the objectives, six organisations from six countries from threecontinents delivered a set of six events that during the life-cycle of the project in ageographically diverse locations:

  • 1.Kick-off Meeting in Italy with hosting organisation Mine Vaganti NGO in March 2018.

  • 2.Training Course “Sport - the power of women empowerment” implemented in Kenya with hosting organisation Neema Community Based Organisation in the end of May 2018.

  • 3.Job Shadowing “Football for Empowerment” in the Philippines with hosting organisaiton Bridging the Gaps in August 2018.

  • 4.Leaders’ Transnational Meeting in Nepal with hosting organisation “Go Sports Nepal” in October 2018.

  • 5.Youth Exchange “Youth Power” was implemented in Tanzania with host Chamwino Arts Center in

    February 2019.

  • 6.Closing Conference “Women empowerment through sport” was held in Tanzania in May 2019.

WETS contributed to the two main objectives EU Youth Strategy - it provided more and equal opportunities for young women in education and the job market and provided opportunity for young people form 6 countries to actively participate in society. Furthermore, the project contributed to Education and training 2020 (ET 2020) objectives, including Improving the quality and efficiency of education and training and Promoting equity, social cohesion, and active citizenship.

The diversity of the Partner Consortium, regarding their geographical location and at the same time having same aims ensured a relevant and high quality project results(handbook with good practices, research, videos, reached target group over 2000young women, etc.. The partners from Asia, Europe and Africa and gave opportunities to the youth they work with to join them as well as the partners from Italy, Kenya, The Philippines, Nepal and Tanzania hosted international mobility. Women empowerment through sport” created long-term impact on the wide range of stakeholders involved, at individual, organisational and systemic level. The impact can be felt even beyond the project's lifetime and beyond the organisations involved.


Feedback from participants

WETS Feedback by Philippine girls from Youth Exchange


During the Job Shadowing program in the Philippines, the hosting organisation Bridging the Gaps has organised a football friendly game between two teams, as one of them was of orphan girls and at the end of the game 5 of them were selected to attend the Youth Exchange in Tanzania. Here you will find the girls' positive feedback after the Youth Exchange in Tanzania.As summary, it was a lifetime experience for them!

Direct effect on participants and project partners

Women Empowerment Through Sport Video from Training Course


Access the video here:

Women Empowerment Through Sport Video Youth Exchange


Access the video here:

Practical & reusable resources for the practitioners

Women Empowerment Through Sport Handbook with Good Practices


At the project we developed handbook with good practices from Bulgaria, Tanzania, Italy, Kenya, Nepal and the Philippines.

Access it here:

Women Empowerment Through Sport Sport Tool


Champions Factory has led an activity for Women empowerment through sport during their international Training Camp in Istanbul in 2018 with 36 Youth from 4 countries and they developed the following tools: Can you stop HER?, Table FootbalZzZ, Blind Trus, TIMES SQARE KINGDOM

You can access it here:

Research material bringing forward the reflection in the sector

Women Empowerment Through Sport Research


We have developed a Research of the situations in all the countries.

Access it here:

Community building tools

Women Empowerment Through Sport Facebook Page


Follow our fab ebook page:

Partnerships and cooperations

Women Empowerment Through Sport Developed Partnerships

Throughout this project we've developed new partnerships with a large list of organisations, including:

Dissemination material

Women Empowerment Through Sport Brandbook and Visual Identity


Brandbook in full can be found here:

Women Empowerment Through Work format of the Brandbook


Find here in png, jpeg and eps formats all necessary docs for providing project visibility - it includes: Brandbook, Certificate, Colours, Content, Fonts, Icons, Letterhead, Map, RollUp Banner, Stickers.

Women Empowerment Through Sport Dissemination Online Arunima


Access here the online publication:

Women Empowerment Through Sport Tanzania Awareness rising Activity


Tanzania Youth Cultural Exchange Network developed an awareness rising activity in Dar Es Salaam, as you can access it here:

Women Empowerment Through Sport Web-page




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