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Project Summary

OrNat2000 Project aims to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged people in sports and increase citizens’ awareness of Natura 2000 biodiversity through the Orienteering discipline specifically dedicated to underprivileged people (TrailO). The project is built on two main pillars, nature as value and preservation to reach mental and physical health and inclusion in sports activities of disadvantage people, especially after the lock-down period from the Covid-19 emergency.

Additionally, involving older adults and schools at the local level, the project will promote the inter-generational exchange between people and engaging older adults in sports will improve health status of all participating athletes.


The project is articulated in three phases

  • Phase 0: Preparatory activities,

  • Phase 1: Education activities and

  • Phase 2: Local OrNat2000 TrailO Festival and The European OrNat2000 Summit and a set of horizontal activities (mapping, communication, and Sport4Nature toolkit development).

Project Partners:

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