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Project Summary and Objectives

Sports besides the well-known benefits for physical health are also supported as a very beneficial tool. To guarantee that this project increases the use of sports to advance social inclusion, mental health, promote gender equality, non-formal education and influence policy, this project have as specific objectives.

  1. Improve the skills of 42 sport staff in social inclusion, mental health, gender equality, non-formal education and sports management/policy influencer in 1 week per topic in Bulgaria, Italy and Portugal.

  2. Bringing awareness about the importance of sport as tool to improve society problems in a 5 day conference in Ireland.

  3. Promoting the professional development of sport staff by creating an Open Education Resource by the 17 month of the project

The 42 participants of the trainings will be 4 sports staff outside the partners involved, 1 volunteer to increase their future employability and positive contribution to society, and 2 staff members that work with sports from the partners involved. Local organisations will be involved in the trainings from each country, involving in total around 50 in the direct trainings.

Where is going to be approach good practices and experience of the host partner, as well remain partners will have the opportunity do giver their input, involving also international stakeholders experts on each topic. The project will observe
experiential learning, non-formal education, and uses of Education Through Sport (ETS). Will produce a ready-to-use guides, from the trainings and implementations of knowledge.

To share the learnings, involving community, experts, stakeholders will be held a Even in Romania that is going to be taped and be continuously shared on the websites of partners and EU platforms.Also with the creation of OER will be promoted to be used by the public itself to continue the discussion.

Project Partners:

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