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Project Summary

The European Union has strong interest in volunteering in the EU in general and many EU policies speak in this regard: the Article 165 TFEU, Aarhus Declaration (2003), White Paper on Sport (2007) up to the latest ones (2019 annual work programme for the implementation of Erasmus+). Additionally, the EU actively promotes social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities, especially under the

Erasmus+ programme.

Urban Sport and Culture Volunteers (USCV) aims to promote voluntary activities at urban sport and culture events – places where urban sport and culture meet. The overall objective of the project is to increase employability of youth with fewer opportunities through volunteering at sport events which will be achieved with the following activities:

  1. recruitment of volunteers;

  2. implementing the non-formal education training;

  3. organizing volunteering experience at urban sport and culture events;

  4. creating a huge promotional campaign;

Duration: 01-01-2020 – End: 31-12-2022

The target groups are young people (16-30) with social, economic and/or geographical obstacles who will take part at all of the aforementioned activities. During the project we plan to produce three intellectual outputs: NFE training for volunteers, volunteer’s handbook for urban sport and culture events and the volunteering app.

The project will be carried out by a project consortium made of 7 partners from 6 European countries and a group of 19 people who represent NGOs from urban sport and culture scene, non-formal education experts and umbrella sport organisation – all duly working with volunteers in everyday life.

After the project, we expect to

  1. strengthen the international volunteering network in urban sport and culture scene,

  2. enhance, recognise and validate volunteers’ skills and key competences,

  3. exchange good practices and prepare a handbook for volunteers and the volunteering app and lastly

carry out a huge promotional campaign.

  1. Kick-off Meeting – February 2020

  2. Transnational Meeting 2- June 2020

  3. Transnational Meeting 3- December 2020

  4. Transnational Meeting 4- June 2021

  5. Transnational Meeting 5- December 2021

  6. Final Evaluation Meeting – July 2022

“USCV “ Project consortium


  1. The Pannonian Association (Croatia)


  1. Croatian Olympic Committee (Croatia)

  2. Champions Factory Ireland Limited (Ireland)

  3. Youth Association Extreme Style (Ukraine)

  4. Funattack Wojciech Tandeck (Poland)

  5. Elamussport MTÜ (Estonia)

  6. Društvo Foton (Slovenia)

The project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Program of the European Commission!

Project Manager: Shirin Amin


Project Partners:

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