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Project Summary:

Champions Factory LTD, in cooperation with Champions Factory, implemented the two-stage international youth exchange project “Entrepreneurial Lab”, which empowered 42 young people from 5 different countries (United Kingdom, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and Turkey) with entrepreneurial skills and mindset.

“Entrepreneurial Lab” managed a platform and elaborated a process, where young people were empowered, and later on empowered others in their communities, through exchange of ideas, brainstorming, techniques, methods, skills and tools that promote entrepreneurship and start-up innovative spirit among young peoples’ communities, including young people with fewer opportunities.

The first stage of the project was held in the period 23-31 October 2017 in Bansko (Bulgaria), where the participants studied the subject of entrepreneurship and unemployment, their challenges, the threats young people are facing when looking for a job and different opportunities for their professional development. In the period 16-24 April 2018 in Pilismarot (Hungary) the second stage of the project took place. The participants studied different cases of successful entrepreneurs from their countries, presented their insights, developed inspirations for development and contributions, shared their experiences from their local communities, and transformed them into concrete business ideas and quality youth projects to be carried out under Erasmus+ Programme.

Participating organizations:

Champions Factory LTD – United Kingdom
Future Builders Generation –  Hungary
Champions Factory – Bulgaria
Youth of Europe – Poland
Youth Art Research And Training Association  – Turkey


All “Entrepreneurial Lab”  tangible outcomes you can find HERE.


Project Partners:

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