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Project Summary

EntreprenHour” (EH) is a Strategic Partnership in the youth field aimed at promoting the role of Social Entrepreneurship (SE), in combination with Non Formal Education (NFE) and practical learning, as a tool for enhancing social inclusion and employability of disadvantaged sectors of the youth population.

The direct target group of the project are young NEETs (not employed in education, training or in the labour market) aged 18-25 in all partner countries (Sweden, Italy, Croatia and Germany) and Europe. The indirect target group is composed of youth operators, NGOs and institutions involved in the youth dimension of non formal learning (youth centers, Sport clubs and associations, informal groups of young people) at the different levels (from the local to the European), in partner countries and beyond.


Project methodology will integrate 4 identified approaches:

  1. Urban Needs’ Analysis, as an approach for the identification of the grassroots local community needs to be catered by means of Social Entrepreneurship action. Urban Needs Analysis Toolkit

  2. Storytelling, as an instrument of structuring business ideas, establishing a clear/cut identity of social enterprises and related initiatives/products as well as fostering internal cohesion through the establishment of a defined corporate identity. Storytelling Toolkit

  3. ICT, as a crucial area of expertise of a social entrepreneur profile and sector of direct entrepreneurial engagement. ICT Communication Toolkit

  4. Intercultural Communication, as a pathway to foster business development by means of effective communication campaigns bridging cultural divides. Intercultural Communication Toolkit

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