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Project Summary

“Migrant in Fashion” is a 24 months Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Innovation in the VET Field project, that aims to develop entrepreneurial competences in female migrants aged 18-35 (first and second generation) affected by social exclusion in the Fashion industry through a tested innovation in existing offer.

Project methodology consists in the use of Digital Storytelling, Design Thinking and Mentoring as combined instruments in a overall educational approach tailored to allowing transition from intentions to action in the field of entrepreneurship.

Project target is composed of female migrants aged 18-35 affected by social exclusion. The targets encompasses first and second generation female immigrants.


The project foresees the following activities during the 24 months of the cooperation:

1- Identification and assessment of female migrants’ development needs in the Fashion sector, combined with the assessment of existing learning offer.

2- Development and Piloting of a Blended Learning in whose context to train existing female migrant entrepreneurs in Fashion as Mentors for an audience of prospective Fashion entrepreneurs within the female migrant population.

3- Local Workshops of entrepreneurial empowerment (1 stream of Workshops per partner country) targeted at prospective female migrants in the Fashion sector.

Project Partners:

  • Applicant and Coordinator: NGO Nest Berlin (Germany)

  • Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy)

  • GODESK S.R.L. (Italy)

  • The Nest Social Cooperative Enterprise (Greece)

  • Amities Liuxembourg (Luxembourg)

  • SwIdeas AB (Sweden)

  • Champions Factory Sports Club (Bulgaria)

Expected Results of the project:
  • Report identifying the learning needs of female migrants prospective entrepreneurs in Fashion, identifying and assessing the existing entrepreneurial learning offer. The Report will be the outcome of a specific Research carried out in each partner country.

  • Training Format for the development of Mentor profiles (IO1). The Format will be developed based on the outcomes of the research under the above point. It will be based on the methodologies of Storytelling, Design Thinking and Mentoring. Format’s  aim will be to empower existing female migrant Fashion entrepreneurs to act as Mentors in local workshops targeted at prospective female migrant entrepreneurs.

  • International Piloting. The Piloting will involve 3 Mentors (existing female migrant Fashion entrepreneurs) per partner organization, with the aim being to test the Format and empower participants for the upcoming phase of local activities. The programme and contents of the upcoming local activities will be co-designed together with Piloting participants.

  • Local activities. The local activities will involve 10 prospective female migrant entrepreneurs per partner country (5 of first and 5 of second generation) The activities will be implemented through Storytelling, Design Thinking and Mentoring, integrated with experts’ contributions. The activities  will empower participants with the instruments to initiate their own start-ups.

  • Guide for Operators (IO2). The Guide will be produced as the outcome of a co-design process with participants in local activities. The target of the Guide will be operators (in VET, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Business) in need of empowerment for implementing entrepreneurial support schemes supporting prospective female migrant entrepreneurs in Fashion.

  • Web-Platform and E-Learning Modules (IO3). The Web Platform will be an architecture allowing networking, peer-learning, cooperation and support between project partners, stakeholders and female migrants prospective entrepreneurs in Fashion. Its functionalities will include e-learning modules in multiple languages allowing the audience of users within the target category to rely on high-quality resources for the autonomous development of entrepreneurial competences in the Fashion field.

Project Partners:

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