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“Nothing Less Than an Athlete” (HEAL)

Small Collaborative Partnership in the field of Sport aimed at empowering women and using sport challenging stereotypes.


“NOTHING LESS THAN AN ATHLETE” (HEAL) is a Small Collaborative Partnership in the field of

Sport aimed at empowering women and using sport as an avenue for challenging stereotypes and promoting female integration in sports and through sport. There are four partners sport organisations from three different countries – Italy, Poland and Ireland. The organisations working on this project are as follows:

● Klub Sportowy Beniaminek (Poland) – Coordinator

● Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Margherita Sport E Vita (Italy) – Partner

● Champions Factory Ireland (Ireland) – Partner

● Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Polisport Nuoro (Italy) – Partner

The “Charter of Women’s Rights in Sports” of 1985, proposed by UISP and adopted by the European Parliament in 1987 as the Resolution on Women in Sport was an important step to acknowledge the disparity in the conditions for women and men in sports. This Charter highlighted the inequality between women and men in the field of sport and stressed the importance of overcoming the numerous cultural barriers that prevent women’s involvement. In spite of some progress and the increase in the number of women practising sport, discrepancies still exist in terms of equal opportunities in some areas of sport.

HEAL is expected to have an impact on inclusion and equal opportunities in the sport field producing an impact on local communities raising the awareness of communities about the concepts of “sport for all”, equal opportunities and equal access to sport activities. Mainstreaming these concepts is a key to open sport practices to more women in Europe. Within Work package 2: Exchange of best practices, we focus on collecting and sharing best practices about female participation in sport. The specific objective is to explore European practices that foster inclusion and gender balance in and through sport. Each partner offers good practices from their country or surrounding countries that are doing work towards increasing female participation in sport.



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