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A Story of Europe

A Story of Europe is a 24 month Strategic Partnership Youth


A Story of Europe is a 24 month Strategic Partnership Youth involving 3 NGOs from Italy, Spain and Bulgaria experienced in working with migrants aimed to promote social entrepreneurship of disadvantaged migrant NEETs in order to foster transition to autonomy and employability/entrepreneurial engagement. Project methodology is grounded on a combination between Digital Storytelling, Sport Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding as methods of entrepreneurial empowerment.

The expected achievement is to successfully spread project results among the wider community of youth operators, youth organizations and stakeholder entities.

The activities foreseen belong to three main categories:

  1. Research activities.Partner organizations will carry out a transnational research aimed at identifying and exchanging good practices  in entrepreneurial education of Youth migrants through Digital Storytelling, Sport Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding. The geographical scope of the research will be represented by the partner countries, whereas transectoriality will be brought about through a focus on both the NGO and the stakeholder sectors. Research results will be integrated in specific national State-of-the-at Reports, to be thereafter processed into a European-level Report.

  2. Project management/coordination.Constant online communication complemented by Transnational Partners’ Meetings, of which 5 will be organized throughout the 24 months of project duration.

  3. Learning Activities.Partner organizations will process the results of the Research carried out in the first phase of the project into the production of 3 different Educational Formats based on respectively Digital Storytelling, Sport Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding for testing with the ultimate youth targets. For the purposes of testing a total of 3 Blended Mobilities of Young People will be implemented (1 per partner country) with the involvement of a total 30 Youth migrant NEET participants (10 per partner country). The initiatives, which will invlove the same group of participants, will compose a wider pattern of entrepreneurial development targeted at providing youngsters with the needed soft/transversal skills in the field of Social Entrepreneurship

The final results of the project will be the following;

  • An “Entrepreneurial EmPOWDERment Guide”, conceived as a practical reference for youth operators, stakeholders and youngsters interested in the topic of entrepreneurial education of disadvantaged youth migrants as a tool of empowerment, employability and active participation channelled by socially oriented business. The Guide will be produced in English and translated in the national language of each partner.

  • Web Platform “A Story of Europe”, wherein the contents and materials developed in the project will be integrated as OER modules, The Web Platform will also store a digitalized, multilingual version of project “Entrepreneurial EmPOWDERment Guide”

R1: Reports on European good practices

R2: Youth mobilities:

  1.  BMYP in Italy, focusing on Digital Storytelling;

  2. BMYP in Bulgaria, dealing with Sport Entrepreneurship;

  3. BMYP in Spain, focusing on Personal Branding.

R3: Learning outputs:

  1. “Entrepreneurial EmPOWDERment Guide”.

  2. “A Story of Europe” Web Platform.

  3.  “Some Stories for Youth” Blog.

R4: National Multiplier Conferences

Throughout the project there are foreseen 4 transnational leaders meetings:M1: July 2018: Kick-off Meeting in Sassari, ItalyM2: December 2018 in Malaga, SpainM3: June 2019 in Sofia, BulgariaM4: May 2020 Final Evaluation Meeting in Malaga, Spain



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