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Again together for active lifestyle

"Again together for active lifestyle" we realised the need of bringing together young people, so they can learn about cultural similarities and differences, active lifestyle and sport


"Again together for active lifestyle" was born after the successful implementation of the project "Together for active lifestyle” - ”TAL” (2017-1-UK01-KA105-035864) where we realised the need of bringing together young people, so they can learn about cultural similarities and differences, active lifestyle and sport.

We produced a video with interviews of the participants where they shared their experiences and opinion - and; as well as a video with different moments and It was great success for our organizations, as we reached all our objectives and even beyond! After the end of the exchange we had many newborn ideas for future cooperation and implementing a follow up of "Together for active lifestyle" was the most supported one by all participants and partners. We believe that young adults have a crucial role in the promotion of health and physical activity for all. “Again together for active lifestyle” project raised awareness on the importance of healthy and active lifestyle which encouraged 120 young people to take an active part in the promotion of these principles in their communities as well. The results of the project perfectly corresponded to the mission of our organisations.

We brought together 120 young people from different parts of Europe with a big difference in upbringing, education, and cultural backgrounds and learned about health importances and cultures during three eight-day youth exchanges in Varna (Bulgaria). Our target group involved young people who were motivated to learn about the main topics of our projects. In this project, we did not look for professional athletes who practice sports activities every single day, but young people who might lack the necessary knowledge and inspiration to reach daily recommended physical activity rates. On the other hand, our project did not aim to become a professional training course for youth workers or sports coaches, but we welcomed young people who wanted to become youth leaders using sport as a tool for non-formal education.

By implementing the project activities we reached the following results:

  • raised awareness of importance of sports as a tool for personal development and in social inclusion

  • helpеd participants to understand the importance of healthy and active living

  • the participants developed healthy habits and knowledge about health

  • the youngsters from different European countries exchanged ideas and experiences on the use of sports for social inclusion - traditions, experiences, habits, exploring the nature, through outdoor activities.

  • we provided opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities to develop their skills and competences through sport in intercultural environment.

It was an outdoor setting, as we believe that an outdoor environment and physical activities were very suitable to reach the project objectives as an informal learning environment. We implemented the project activities in 3 different months with approximately 30 days gaps between them which gave the participants with enough time to reflect, learn and change their habits and be able to become group leaders in the next activity. In this way they were able to support and develop the healthy habits of the new participants through personal example.

Activity 1 - Youth Exchange venue: Varna (Bulgaria)

Dates: 11 - 19 June 2019

Activity 2 - Youth Exchange venue: Varna (Bulgaria)

Dates: 9 - 17 July 2019

Activity 3 - Youth Exchangevenue: Varna (Bulgaria)

Dates: 18 - 26 August 2019

We reached a long range of tangible and intangible results, as some of the main ones are:

  • more knowledgable 120 young people involved in International youth mobility

  • digital toolbox with sport-based activities, created by the participants

  • developed capacity of organisations

  • 3 videos from each activity with moments form the workshops

  • video interview of participants from each activity, sharing their with feedback

  • project logo

  • 14 ideas for future projects/initiatives together or with other partners, expanding our network etc.

On the long term the project had a positive impact on the participants, the involved organizations, the local communities and the European Union. The young people involved in the project became more conscious of the importance of daily physical exercise and as a result they became more active European citizens. After returning home they were more motivated to engage in sport activities and to involve their friends too. “Again together for active lifestyle” had substantial benefit for the participating organisations as well. By sharing expertise in the field of sport and exchanging working methods and non-formal education techniques, the quality of local and international youth work was developed. This project offered visibility for the Erasmus Plus Youth program which is not well known among the young student



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