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The "Goal to Include" project aims to promote education through sport to empower and improve inclusion for young girls and women from marginalized communities. This project seeks to provide a platform and opportunities for young girls and women to develop their physical, mental, and social skills through football while addressing gender disparities and promoting social inclusion.

We implement a sport for skills development approach which will create a group of trained trainers and educators working in their local marginalized communities. Plus, we provide a mentorship process to support our educators and equip them with the knowledge, skills and sustainable support. The local approach will allow us to reach as many girls and young women and support and develop programs which will be beneficial for their skills development in the long run.

To support the sustainable process of the "Goal to Include" project, we will provide a toolkit and an e-analysis of best practices. The toolkit will provide resources and guidelines for the trained trainers and educators to continue their work beyond the duration of the project. It will include materials on how to develop training sessions, how to create a safe and inclusive environment, and how to monitor and evaluate progress. The e-analysis of best practices will provide a comprehensive review of successful approaches and strategies implemented in similar projects. It will serve as a beneficial resource for the trainers and educators to learn from and incorporate into their work.

Beyond the local communities, we aim to widen our impact and reach out to neighboring communities, regions, and countries to raise awareness of our approaches. By sharing our experiences and best practices, we hope to create a ripple effect of positive change and inspire and encourage others to implement similar projects and contribute to the creation of more engaged and actively inclusive communities throughout Europe.



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