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Learning through Sports


“Learning through Sports” (LTS) is an 18-months trans-continental Capacity Building in the field of youth project that aims to develop, test and spread innovative sports tools, that build-up soft skills in the youth. The project is coordinated by Champions Factory LTD and is involving sport youth organisations from Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Romania.

LTS Objectives:
  1. to foster the cooperation and exchange of good practices between 6 organisations from 6 countries from 2 continents

  2. to improve the quality and recognition of youth work by developing, testing and spreading innovative “Learning through sports” tutorials for youth workers

  3. to improve the soft skills in youngsters, who are experiencing crime, participating in crime or are at risk of experiencing crime by involving them in a trans-national non-formal learning mobility.

  4. to raise awareness on the use sports as a powerful tool to reach out youth.


Champions Factory LTD – coordinator (United Kingdom)Asociatia Liber la educatie, cultura si sport (Romania)Fundacion Grupointernacional de Paz y Desarrollo (Colombia)Engajamundo (Brazil)Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Perù (Peru)Champions Factory (Bulgaria)


LTS is created according to the needs of all partner organisations and the youth they work with, alongside with national priorities of the represented in the project countries, the ERASMUS+ Priorities and Youth Policies of the EU. In order to reach the objectives of the project, we have planned the following interrelated and interconnected youth events.

  1. Kick-offVenue: London (United Kingdom) with Hosting organisation “Champions Factory LTD”Dates: 7-10 February 2019

  2. Job ShadowingVenue: Medellín (Colombia) with Hosting organisation: Fundación Grupo Internacional de Paz y DesarrolloDates: April 2019

  3. Training of TrainersVenue: November (Peru) with hosting organisation: BRIGADA DE VOLUNTARIOS BOLIVARIANOS DEL PERUDates: December 2019

  4. Youth ExchangeVenue:  Sao Paolo (Brazil) with Hosting Organisation EngajamundoDates: February 2020

  5. Closing Meeting + Awareness Raising CampaignVenue: Sofia (Bulgaria) with hosting organisation: Champions FactoryDates: May 2020

  1. Six professional Online video tutorials of Learning through Sports tools that any youth worker from anywhere in the world can access online and acquire educational sport tools to work with the youngsters in their society. This will serve as online/distance study tool and all will be summarised in (1) LTS Web page, (2) YouTube Channel and (3) Salto-Youth Platform. The video tutorials will be with a maximum length of 20 minutes, depending on the duration of the session with explanations. We find this of a great innovation, because so far there are mostly handbooks and paper documents with explanations, but a video is proved to be easier understood and much faster for the youth worker to acquire.

  2. Video tutorial “Reflection of Learning through sports methods” – reflection is often neglected by youth workers, but in fact it is the most important moment where youngsters realise the learning and how it can be applied in their life. We are going to have it structured in 6 parts:1- Introduction and crucial info of Reflection;2- Objective/Factual;3 -Reflective;4 - Interpretative;5 - Decisional;6 - Summary and tips.All videos will be made with professional cameras and montage!

  3. The video tutorials from 1. and 2. will be explained in a Toolkit “Learning through sports”, so a youth worker can always download it for free from the web-page of the project, print and bring with himself a hardcopy during a youth event he/she organises.

  4. Ambassadors of “Learning through Sports” – Interviews with famous sportsmen in each country, as part of the youth empowerment process. This will serve as awareness rising method and will support the promotion of Sports as a unique tool to build peace. These interviews will be uploaded on project’s web-page, YouTube Channel, on project’s Facebook page and will be circulated in diverse educational platforms around the world.

  5. “Learning through sports” Handbook – collecting sport best practices of tools and programs that the partner organisations are using in their every-day work, short and long term development strategies. The handbook will include practices from Brazil, Romania, United Kingdom, Peru, Colombia and Bulgaria.

  6. Web-site of the project



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