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SMART START for DC supports 180 young athletes (14-19) across six countries with MOOC modules, a digital platform, and personalized support, advancing dual career goals aligned with Erasmus+ and EU sport priorities.

Start for DC is a 24-month innovative project that aims to encourage the dual career of young athletes of high school age (14 to 19 years old) by fostering collaboration among six partner organizations, developing educational content tools in a digital platform, conducting psychological assessments for career guidance, and enhancing education on transferable skills for easier employability post-sports career.

Project objectives:

  • Promoting collaboration and enabling organizational changes focused on the common needs of young athletes through the development of 20 new MOOC educational contents, 2 research and 10 gamification tools, and 1 digital web platform as a networking site;

  • Strengthening dual careers for at least 180 young athletes through a psychological assessment of their inclinations and preferences for the labor market as well as acquiring transferable skills that will ensure easier employability after the end of their sports career;

  • Supporting quality education at the international level but also wider on transferable skills for the labor market adapted to young athletes aged 14 to 19 through new OER educational contents.

What is happening next?

We will be analysing the results from the survey conducted in six countries that will enable us to build the foundations of the educational content. Also, during the next meeting in Cyprus, we will be discussing the role of technology and specific details around MOOC.

What has happened recently?

  • Kick off meeting – the project kick-off meeting was held in Zagreb, Croatia, where the team set the project plan of action

  • Survey start – the survey has been designed and spread among students to gather the necessary data



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