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Sport For Green Future

Sport for a Green Future aims to educate on the environmental issues of sport and the environment.


Having in mind that the environment where we practice is at a risk and it is at constant risk of being destroyed, the project Sport for green future aims to educate young people on environmental issues, as well as to create a pool of European Sport for Development trainers who will inspire actions for the clean and healthy environment across Europe. The purpose of this project is to use Sport for Development methods in order to educate the next generations of young people about the importance of a clean and green planet as well as to inspire new actions for environmental protection. Furthermore, this project will aim towards the creation of a European network of S4D trainers who will work towards the widening of the European network of Sport for Green Future.

Additionally, the project will put a strong emphasis on building a strong and sustainable partnership offering the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge on using sport in order to reach SDG13 and the 2030 Agenda which works in further environmental degradation and the threats posed by climate change.

Now when environmental issues become mainstream topics especially with the global youth movements, environmental actions become integrated into sports policies and frameworks. The partnership is structured over three-phase initiatives:

  1. Building a strong and sustainable Sport for Green Future partnership that aims to unite in the methodological approach to sport and environmental actions.

  2. Capacity building towards a sustainable European initiative for Sport for Green Future.

  3. Promotion and dissemination of the result achieved.



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