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Sport Without Waste

Sport without waste is a 24-month project to promote a more sustainable behavior between sport and the environment.



Food waste is a major contributor to global carbon emissions, the reason why the Sustainable Development Goals aim to halve per capita food waste by 2030. Fortunately sustainability initiatives at sporting events are becoming more common, even though more research is needed to understand waste management options and operational issues. At the same time yuounger generations are more and more called to become key actors in promoting sustainable behavior and improving the sustainability of sports.


The project aimed to identify the main waste and food waste flows present in sports events, and propose ways to manage the identified flows to create a more sustainable practice using the EU waste hierarchy. The best practices identified were extended to different sport centers and tested by organizing a sports event with zero waste goals and sustainable food. Lastly, the project promoted participation, inclusion and sustainability among the youths.


The project Sport without waste was implemented successfully, with a focus on engaging youths on waste reduction and management in sports events. Activities included research on waste management, a training course, developing educational materials, and facilitating waste management practices during sporting events. The youths were actively involved in implementing waste reduction measures such as recycling, composting, and proper waste disposal.


The project has as main results the identification of waste hotspots in the sports industry across different countries and the proposal of improvement measures through a Decalogue ( ) . Thanks to the Training Course and the many dissemination activities implemented, the project's impact resulted in increased awareness and implementation of waste reduction practices in sports, contributing to more sustainable sports events and facilities.



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