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Stop doping - Swim Fare

Stop Doping – Swim Fair!” is a European-wide strategic partnership project aiming to raise the knowledge and awareness of doping use in the swimming world.



“Stop Doping – Swim Fair!”is a European-wide strategic partnership between 8 Sport and Sport Research organisations, which aims to raise the knowledge and awareness of the doping use in the swimming world, by a conducted comprehensive research and selection of good practices; development of an innovative “Modular Doping-education Program“ and Guidelines for Swimming organisations and relevant stakeholders.


Along with racism, discrimination, and match-fixing, doping represents one of the most serious threats to the sport. We believe that having a code of conduct in the athlete’s sport is a mandatory prerequisite. Being a healthy athlete is the state of mind one should encourage in all young people.The Bulgarian Swimming Federation’s goal is to promote swimming across the country, support national swimmers, and empower young generations to engage in this noble sport.


Our main focus is three-folded – anti-doping, education, and early warning/prevention.SDOP four core objectives:1. Early prevention: educate 10-18 years old swimmers2. Fight disinformation: multiplier events3. Health preservation: protect 10-18 years old swimmers and guide sport organizations4. Doping elimination: create a safe sports environment for all


In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code, a number of innovative aspects are developed throughout the project. The collaborative partners’ work resulted in the production of the following Intellectual outputs: “Modular Doping-education Program“, the Creation of a group of 16 SDOP Ambassadors, the creation of SDOP Guidelines, and a Comprehensive Research on the subject.Because with doping, there is no Maybe. There is only a will – and no coming back.

Dissemination material

Guidelines Manual SDOP The SDOP Guidelines Manual aims to support the Swimming and water sports organisations in developing long-term anti-doping policy within their management structure, based on diverse policies - European Commission White Paper on Sport, Human Right plan of FIFA, ECRI, EPAS, etc. These guidelines aim to impact all organisations responsible for the management and organisation of swimming events and sessions on the long run. The Output transferability can be unlimited and applied to any sport organisation.

Intellectual output 3 SDOP Guidelines Manual

Modular Doping Education Program

The "Modular Doping-education Program“ is the Intellectual output which aims to have theoretical and interactive practical sessions targeting the 5 key aspects: (1) General overview of the doping, (2) Steroids, (3) Stimulants, (4) Anabolic steroids and (5) Values in and through sport. It is foreseen to have impact on more than 270 young swimmers and it can be transferred to any water sport.

Intellectual output 2 Modular Doping Education Program

Comprehensive Research

Fundación Universidad Isabel I (Fui1) developed a unified Research methodology, which is delivered to all partners. All partners conducted a national Research according to that Research methodology and they delivered national reports to the Fui1. As final stage of this IO - Fui1 developed one final high-level comprehensive output with a constructive summary.

Comprehensive Research



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