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The Greatest Wealth is Health!

We have always believed young adults has a crucial role in the promotion of health, active lifestyle and physical activity for all.


We have always believed young adults has a crucial role in the promotion of health, active lifestyle and physical activity for all. Young people can make a positive difference through being the advocates of healthy behaviors, as they are the most dynamic group of the society. "The Greatest Wealth is Health” project was an initiative of committed young Europeans to raise awareness on the importance of healthy and active lifestyle. It encouraged young people to take an active part in the promotion of these principles in their communities as well. The aim of "The Greatest Wealth is Health" perfectly correspond to the mission of our organisations together with the youth/ sports organisations involved in the partnership. We brought together young people from different parts of Europe with a big difference in their upbringing, education, and cultural backgrounds and learnt about health importance and cultures during three youth exchanges in Varna (Bulgaria), Istanbul (Turkey) and Komotini, Serres (Greece).

The objectives of the project were :

  • To raise awareness of the importance of sports as a tool for personal development and in social inclusion;

  • To help participants to understand the importance of healthy and active living;

  • To develop healthy habits and knowledge about health;

  • To exchange of ideas and experiences between youngsters from different European countries on the use of sports for social inclusion - traditions, experiences, habits, exploring the nature, through outdoor activities.

  • To provide opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities to develop their skills and competencies through sport in an intercultural environment.

In order to achieve all the aims and objectives we set for the project, the Partner Consortium identified the need of developing three youth exchanges:

ACTIVITY 1 - Youth Exchange

VENUE: Varna (Bulgaria) DATES: 29 Augst - 6 September 2018

ACTIVITY 2 - Youth Exchange

VENUE: Istanbul (Turkey) DATES: 5 - 13 October 2018

ACTIVITY 3 - Youth Exchange

VENUE: Komotini, Serres (Greece) DATES: 1 - 9 April 2019

Each activity gathered young people aged between 18 and 30 years. The profile of the participants was set during the application phase and included specific learning needs as need of knowledge about healthy lifestyle, other cultures, need to be involved in European project, etc.

The setting for the projects was an outdoor setting, as we believed that an outdoor environment and physical activities are very suitable to reach the project objectives as an informal learning environment. The methodology of the youth exchanges was based on non-formal education which involved Education Through Sport. ETS is a method of developing key competencies in various aspects of life using sport and physical activities. Project coordinators were experienced users of ETS as they had already implemented youth-sport projects based on this learning approach. Sport and outdoor activities were used as a tool to raise awareness on health-related issues, the importance of mutual trust, respect, tolerance, and teamwork. The program of the activities involved various sports activities, workshops, informal presentations based on the active participation of the young people. Participants were actively involved in the realization of activities and they were encouraged to contribute with thier own knowledge. Each activity gathered young people aged between 18 and 30 years.

We reached a long range of tangible and intangible results, as:

  • More knowledgeable 105 Young people involved in International youth mobilities - Digital toolbox with sport-based activities, created by the participants

  • A developed capacity of the partner organisations

  • 3 videos from each activity with moments from the workshops - Video interview of 10 participants from each activity, sharing their with feedback

  • Project logo

  • 10 ideas for future projects/initiatives together or with other partners, expanding our network

In the long term, we the project had a positive impact on the participants, the involved organisations, the local communities and the European Union. The young people involved in the project become more conscious of the importance of daily physical exercise and as a result of the project, they become more active European citizens. Returning home, they have been more motivated to engage in sports activities and also involved their friends. “The Greatest Wealth is Health” had substantial benefit for the participating organisations as well. By sharing expertise in the field of sport and exchanging working methods and non-formal education techniques, the quality of local and international youth work has developed. This project offered visibility for the Erasmus Plus Youth program which is not well known among the young students of the campus. Thought the project, we also reached the older population as we promoted ‘Sport for All’ regardless of origin, belief, economic situation, and age.



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