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Together through Games: Traditions for Better Future

Together through Games: Traditions for Better Future ” addresses the topic “Promote European traditional sports and games”.


“ Together through Games: Traditions for Better Future ” addresses the topic “Promote European traditionalsports and games” . Through the collaboration of transnational partnership of 5 partners form 5 differentcountries the project will collect 10 Traditional Sports and Games (two from each partner country) in digitalHandbook and in a Video Catalogue and will promote them in a Awareness raising activity organised with morethan 100 youngsters, additionally minimum 30 Local workshops organised in the partner countries.

Thus, thepartnership brings together a range of key partners actively working to promote sports and sports values and willcontribute the partners, involved sports experts, sports youth workers, involved youth, external organisations andindividuals, and relevant stakeholders.“Together through Games: Traditions for Better Future ” has a comprehensive work program, including 3interrelated and interconnected activities :

  1. Kick-Off Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden

  2. Training Course “ Together through Games: Traditions for Better Future” in Copenhagen, Denmark

  3. Awareness raising activity and Closing Conference Drammen, NorwayDuring the implementation the “ Together through Games: Traditions for Better Future” activities each partner organization will ensure quality implementation of the respective activity they host, taking care of all components. Through the quality implementation the the project will achieve the following results:

    1. Video Catalogue with 10 Traditional Sports and Games

    2. European Collaborative Sport Game

    3. Handbook in which all traditional games and sports will be described in detail

    4. A web-page in which all the activities and results of the project will be gathered

    5. A unique logo and visual identity with which we will ensure the recognition of the project

    6. Partners network


Practical & reusable resources for the practitioners


Welcome everyone to the "United Sports of Europe Challenge" workshop. This workshop has been developed as part of an exciting initiative, the Erasmus+ funded project called "Together through Games: Traditions for Better Future". This project aims to promote traditional European sports and games in an effort to encourage cooperation, mutual understanding, and gender equality.

TGTBF European Game

Research material bringing forward the reflection in the sector


The handbook was prepared by the project partners to document, preserve and disseminate the European Traditional Sports and Games (TSGs). The handbook entails 10 TSGs collected from 5 European countries and 1 new European collaborative sport game.


Dissemination material


Upon the development of the educational materials, the partners implemented local workshops in each partner country where the 10 TSGs and the New Collaborative Sport Game were presented and disseminated. The number of participants involved in this activity is 100 youngsters, youth workers and sports experts.




Project Gallery

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