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Youth Eco-Entrepreneurship

This project contained one main activity which was youth workers mobility "Youth Eco Entrepreneurs


This project contained one main activity which was youth workers mobility "Youth Eco Entrepreneurs: From idea to rural development" which gathered 25 people from 8 different countries, has been implemented in Palanga, Lithuania from 1st to 8th of April 2019 (travel days included). During the mobility we discussed and learn on following topics: eco-entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, eco-tourism, ecology, rural development, poverty and rural youth, Erasmus+ Programme.

Objectives of this Project:

  • To reduce the poverty among young people with equipping youth workers in the field of eco-entrepreneurship

  • To increase the accessibility of young people in rural areas to labor market

  • To strengthen the youth workers on the topic of rural development with eco-tourism - To strengthen the networks of organizations engaged in the field ecology, rural development, entrepreneurship and youth work

  • To increase the visibility of eco-touristic areas and promote the eco-tourism in Palanga and Klaipeda region

The methodology of the training was based on non-formal education, participatory-based and needs orientated. Facilitators used exercises from the manuals on rural development, eco-tourism, youth work published in SALTO Toolbox and by EU Bodies. Those methods foster a high participation rate involving the participants actively in determining their learning progress by creating learning moments that feature a high emotional and cognitive involvement.

In this project we had following participant profile:

  • 18-60 years old - has been involved in eco-tourism, ecology or youth field as NGO worker or youth worker

  • Motivated to take a part in the training course in relation to topic

  • Had sufficient level of English

  • Had interest on implementing eco-tourism project in their local and want to gain knowledge on eco-entpreneurship

Results of the project:

  • Project website:

  • Minimum 1 dissemination activity per country done

  • Six business ideas made for local communities

  • Six new Erasmus+ project ideas created

Impact our project done:

  • Participants became aware about the importance of eco-tourism in relation with the eco-entrepreneurship, ecology and the participants ( youth workers ) enhanced know-how to include young people who has fewer opportunities as such geographical obstacles, economical and education obstacles as they live in the rural areas of the participating countries.

  • With this project the participating organizations quality of the educational activities and programs ( based on entrepreneurship, ecology, rural development ) increased in a better way with the increased knowledge and competences of their volunteers’ and staff. In long run,participating organizations have opportunity to continue their cooperation with NGO's across Europe working on the same topics under Erasmus+, COSME and LIFE programs in more intensive manner and also work on the topic of eco-entrepreneurship with the involvement of rural youth in their communities.



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