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Bike Park

Rila Lakes

Champions Factory invites you to go downhill in the brand-new Bike Park “Rila Lakes”. The bike park is located only 90 km away from Sofia and is always available to you and your friends, where you can try the two tracks that we created in the summer of 2016:

  • DH track for the pro-bikers featuring different ramps and bike jumps. Total length: 1750m.

  • Touring track for not-so-experienced bike lovers, who would like to take a half-day hike around the lakes and go down to the starting point of the lift by bike. This track has a low-level difficulty and will let you pass through the longest bike bridge in Bulgaria with a length of 87 metres. Total length: 3200m.

Lift working hours:

Monday: 12:30 – 18:30

Tuesday to Friday: 9:30 – 18:30

Saturday to Sunday: 12:30 -19:30

Lift price: 20 BGN for riders.

Find us:

Bike Park Rila Lakes
Image by Duy Pham

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