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Project Summary

“Stop Doping – Swim Fair!” is a European-wide strategic partnership between 8 Sport and Sport

Research organisations, which aims to raise the knowledge and awareness of the doping use in the swimming

world, by a conducted comprehensive research and selection of good practices; development of an

innovative “Modular Doping-education Program“ and Guidelines for Swimming organisations and relevant


“SDOP” Objectives:

  • Early prevention: educate 10-18 years old swimmers

  • Fight disinformation: multiplier events

  • Health preservation: protect 10-18 years old swimmers and guide sport organisations

  • Doping elimination: create a safe sports environment for all

“SDOP” Partner Consortium:

Coordinating organisation:
  1. Bulgaria, Bulgarian Swimming Federation –

Partner organisations:
  1. Sport Algés e Dafundo (Portugal) –

  2. Turkish Sports Foundation (Turkey)

  3. Naoussa Swim Club (Greece) –

  4. Otrè Triathlon Team Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica (Italy)

  5. Fundación Universidad Isabel I (Spain) –

  6. Swedish Sports Confederation Vasterbotten (Sweden) –

Duration: 01-01-2020 – 31-12-2021

Our consortium has developed a set of inter-connected and inter-related work-pakages, which aim to reach

the specific project objectives:


Work package 1: Project Cooperation and Management

Work package 2: SDOP Comprehensive Research

Work package 3: Development of “Modular Doping-education Program“

Work package 4: SDOP guidelines Manual

Work package 5: Evaluation

Work package 6: Dissemination and Visibility


Project Partners:

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