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Project Summary

Social Entrepreneurship Seeds” (SES) addresses the identification of existing best practices and the development of support schemes for the extent and develop the competencies of educators and other personnel who support adult learners on Social Entrepreneurship in partner countries and at the European level. The project will foster the priorities listed through a coherent flow of activities developing across the 24 months of the cooperation, including Transnational Meetings, production of Reports, development, and testing of entrepreneurial methodologies in 3 different yet interconnected Blended Mobilities of Adult Learners.

“Social Entrepreneurship Seeds” pursues the following specific objectives:

  • First, contrasting adult unemployment through developing Social Entrepreneurship potential and related soft/transversal skills in low-skilled or low-qualified adults through Urban Needs’ Analysis, Storytelling, ICT, and Intercultural Communication.

  • Researching and comparing existing European good practices of Social Entrepreneurship education of adult learners through Urban Needs’ Analysis, Storytelling, Marketing, and Intercultural Communication.

  • Producing state-of-the-art Reports outlining the existing landscape of European good practices.

  • Elaboration of a set of Toolkits and of a comprehensive Format representing a useful practical reference for NGO and stakeholders’ operators and entities interested in fostering entrepreneurial development of adult learners.

  • Developing a network among organisations experienced in the field of entrepreneurial empowerment of low-skilled and low-qualified adult learners.

The project will have two Transnational Project Meetings – Kick off Meeting and Final Evaluation Meeting. Also the project foresees the implementation of 3 different Adult Learners Blended Mobilities, as follows:

  1. First Adult Learners Blended Mobility in Lithuania, hosted by the Lithuanian partner organization ESEISI in Klaipeda.

  2. Second Adult Learners Blended Mobility in Poland, hosted by the partner organization FEIO in Orzesze.

  3. Third Adult Learners Blended Mobility in Bulgaria, hosted by the partner Home Hope Ltd in Sofia.

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