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Project Summary:

Champions Factory delivered the project “Social Inclusion through Sport”. Our long term aims are focused on underprivileged youngsters. The project included 30 youth workers from 13 countries in one week training which was carried out in Bansko (Bulgaria) in the period 27 November to 3 December 2015.

The training aimed to improve the quality of work of youth workers, connected to using sport as a tool of cocial inclusion and integration of social groups in risk such as disadvantaged people, minority groups, refugees, roma communities, children deprived of parental care and others.

The project objectives were:

  • To acquire new knowledge and experience of using sport as a tool for social inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

  • To promote personal, social and professional development of participants during work activities.

  • To clarify the challenges which sport is facing as a tool for integration in terms of content and methodology.

  • To clarify the potential of sport as a tool for bringing people together, regardless of age, gender, national origin, religion, etc.

  • To facilitate the integration of risk groups in society, promoting mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue.

  • Establish a network of professionals (youth leaders, social workers and teachers).

  • The project was funded by the ERASMUS @ +.

  • Trainers were Martin Petrov, Roberto Solinas и Shirin Amin.

  • The methodology used by trainers was non formal education and the working language – English.

  • The project was funded by the ERASMUS  +.


1. “Mive Vaganti European Youth Group” (Italy)
2. “Arges County Businessmen Association” (Romania)
3. “Centre for Developing International Relationships” (Moldova)
4. “A.D.E.L. – Association for Development, Education and Labour” (Slovakia)
5. “Diktio yia europaiki politotita ke taftotita” (Cyprus)
6. “Szabad Tér Egyesület”(Hungary)
7. Alliance for Society Advancement (Georgia)
8. “Towards the Unity” (Azerbaijan)
9. Донецька обласна молодіжна організація “Євроклуб” (Ukraine)
10. “Meliora NGO” (Armenia)
11. МГА “Добрая воля”(Belarus)
12. C.U.School of Physical Education&Sports (Turkey)


For more info please contact with theme “SITS”

Project Partners:

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