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Project Summary

Sport for a Green Future aims to educate young people on environmental issues and the interconnection of sport and environment, as well as to create a pool of European for Development trainers who will inspire sport actions across Europe. The purpose of the project is to use the Sport for Development methods in order to educate the next generations of young people about the importance of a clean and green planet as well as to inspire new actions for environmental protection.

The main objectives of the projects are the following:


Increased cooperation among sport organisations in Europe aiming to promote education through sport together with sport and environmental actions, events and ideas. 


Increased participation in physical activities and sport by a purposeful combination of educational materials, local actions and events with a specific attention to promoting a clean and unpolluted environment.

Increased awareness among the general public in Europe on environmental education through sport and importance of sport in clean and safe environments, highlighting the importance of sport to promote positive change, to educate and influence sport activities and events.

Project Partners:

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