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Project Summary:

Champions Factory hosted the first stage of the project “The legends of tomorrow”, which was delivered in Bansko, Bulgaria in the period  13-20 October 2016. Thirty two participants from Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey and Poland were involved. The younsters had the opportunity to find their passion and to built it into business idea, as well as to improve their public speaking skills and leadership skills.

Main facilitators of the exchange in Bulgaria were Shirin Amin and Martin Petrov from Champions Factory.

The second part of the youth exchange “The legends of tomorrow” was implemented in the period 4 -11 April 2017 in Budapest, Hungary where the participants gathered for second time.

During their stay in Budapest the participants visited the office of Prezi, where they had the chance to explore the work dynimics and management of the modern company. Also they visited the co-working space Kaptar and met some of its users, who organized special workshop for the participants. Presentation of  Global Shapers were also included in the program -international community of active youngsters in Europe. Michele Orzan was guest to the event and he presented Greenwill – “green” policy provided to many companies in countries all around the world.

During one of the days the participants were working on their already developed businesses or business ideas.

Project coordinator:

Future Builders Generation from Hungary

Partner organisations:

  1. 1. Youth of Europe from Poland

  2. 2. Champions Factory Sports Club from Bulgaria.

  3. 3. YouthArt from Turkey.

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Program and is implemented with the support of the Hungarian National Agency for ERASMUS+ Tempus Public Foundation TPF.

Project Partners:

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