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Project Summary

MV International’s Work Plan “A No Hate Speech Frame for Inclusion on New Media” was aimed at preventing violent extremism in new media frameworks through focusing on the contrast of Hate Speech dynamics against sensible groups (migrants, refugees and women).

The approach and activities that were foreseen under MV International’s (MVI) 2018 Workplan were embedded in the constitutive priorities of the Network and strictly tailored to the Council of Europe’s programme orientations and specific results in the field of youth outlined for the period 2018-2019.
The specific programme orientation pursued pertained to preventing violent extremism through following up on the No Hate Speech Movement, under the wider expected result connected to “Young people engaging in and leading intercultural dialogue as a result of the Council’s of Europe’s support to young people, youth organizations and youth workers in preventing and combating discrimination, exclusion and violent extremism”.

MVI’s 2018 Workplan foresaw a set of interconnected activities deploying a comprehensive process of capacity building and awareness articulated in crucial steps, as follows:

  • Developing methodologies and instruments to foster awareness and effective engagement in contrasting hate speech against migrants and refugee targets on new media. This objective was pursued in the International Skills Development Activity “Meegr-up” (Yerevan, Armenia; 04-09 April 2018).

  • Integrating the methodological backpack developed in the first activity with a comprehensive understanding of gender-based hate speech dynamics, while at the same developing specific methodologies and instruments to contrast the latter phenomena on new media arenas. This objective was pursued in the International Skills Development Activity “New GenderAction” (Sofia, Bulgaria; 20- 25 July 2018).

  • Deploying an integrated educational and awareness-raising process extended to all MVI member countries and to the wider CoE area in the context of the Social Campaign “Speak for Inclusion!” (21 MVI Member countries, 05 October – 10 November 2018). The Social Campaign was aimed at translating the results developed in the previous Workplan stages into a wider social impact through a set of online actions and offline follow-up activities.


The “No Hate Speech in the Digital Era” Manual provides an interconnected frame of knowledge and methodologies fostering youth sector’s capacities to recognize the common thread uniting Hate Speech towards migrants/refugees and gender-based Hate Speech with a view to contrasting them simultaneously.

The Manual is available at the below link.

Manual No Hate Speech in the Digital Era

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