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Project Summary

YISEM  focuses on digital entrepreneurship to create a community of young people who can shape a better and inclusive world for them and future generations. Entrepreneurial competences are not only useful to youngsters who actually want to start a company but encourage them to find creative solutions, see opportunities and learn to take calculated risks. Such competences are of great importance in many areas of life, including social engagement through local initiatives and for diverse professional careers. In our post-pandemic societies, the ability to adapt and develop innovative ideas has become even more crucial for young people to find their career paths. There is an urgent need to foster inclusion in youth work and non-formal education. The project therefore aims to apply more inclusive practices in training on media literacy & digitalization, and in the support of entrepreneurship and social engagement. The project thereby responds to the need of more actively engaging young generations with diverse backgrounds in common activities. 

Main objectives:

A main focus is the promotion of active citizenship, young people’s sense of initiative and social entrepreneurship

The project is designed to address digital transformation by promoting digital and social entrepreneurship with a positive use of the media, encouraging media literacy and digital marketing for social purposes

Inclusion and diversity play a central role in all activities. 

Project Partners:

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