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Building Innovative Light Sport Facilities in institutional care centers (BILSF)

BILSF's primary objective is to promote a physically active lifestyle among socially disadvantaged and institutionalized youngsters.

Project Objectives:

The BILSF project outlines the following main objectives:
  • To increase physical activity among more than 500 socially disadvantaged and

    institutionalized youngsters.

  • To build light sports facilities in institutional care centers located in five cities across


  • To develop, test, and implement a Soft Program Training Manual designed to enhance

    the usability of the newly constructed light sports facilities.

The Soft Program Training Manual

This manual is poised to bring about a transformative impact by focusing on the numerous benefits of physical activity, which include improvements in physical and mental health, social inclusion, and the development of essential transversal skills such as problem-solving, effective communication, and teamwork. The manual will serve as an educational resource, raising awareness about the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. It will teach young individuals how to engage in sports, both individually and within groups, using the newly

installed light sports facilities.


  • Transitional home in Vratsa

  • Orphanage in Dolna Banya

  • Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for disabled children in Pleven

  • Family-type accommodation center in Samokov

  • Family-type accommodation center “Mother Teresa” in Plovdiv

In addition, "Champions Factory" is delighted to be part of the BILSF project, supported by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EECEA), and we look forward to partner with SPF Bulgaria, a leader in street fitness development on the market. SPF Bulgaria is a trusted partner who offers high quality sport installations and exceptional safety

What happened so far?
  • We doubled the number of facilities - The project impressed the local municipality management teams and instead of the planned 5 facilities we will build 10 with their support;

  • We installed the facilities in Dolna Banya and Samokov;

  • We secured an iconic location in Plovdiv – one of the sport

    facilities will be installed on the spectacular Youth Hill



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