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Reconnecting through outdoor activities

“ReConnecting through outdoor activities” was born after successfully implementing the project “Connecting through outdoor activities.

Project Summary

“ReConnecting through outdoor activities” was born after the successful implementation of the project “Connecting through outdoor activities” was a great success for our organisation. All the objectives were reached, and a great outcome was created. The participants were actively taking part in all the activities and cooperating with each other. As a result, we had many new-born ideas for future cooperation and implementing a follow up of “Connecting through outdoor activities” was the most necessary one. With “ReConnecting through Outdoor Activities” we brought together 108 young people from different parts of Europe with a big difference in their upbringing, education, and cultural backgrounds and learn about health importance and cultures during three youth exchanges in Varna (Bulgaria).


  • To motivate the participants to live a healthier and more active lifestyle

  • To create a network of youngsters who will act as multipliers of the project results

  • To foster the exchange of ideas and experiences between youngsters from different Europeancountries on the use of sports for social inclusion

  • traditions, experiences, habits, exploring nature, through outdoor activities.

  • To provide opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities to develop their skills and competencies through sport in an intercultural environment.

“ReConnecting through Outdoor Activities” had three project activities in Varna, Bulgaria:

A1: Youth exchange in the period 22-30 June 2019.A2: Youth exchange in the period 9-17 July 2019.A3: Youth exchange in the period 18-26 August 2019.



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