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reCREATE healthy narratives to tackle fake news

The project "reCREATE healthy narratives to tackle fake news" aims to fight misinformation on migration in Europe by a cross-sectoral cooperation between 7 partner country.


The project "reCREATE healthy narratives to tackle fake news" aims to fight misinformation on migration in Europe by a cross-sectoral cooperation between 7 partner country. Thanks to the innovative approach of participatory-video the project raises awareness and engages young people, allowing them to create original and different narratives about migration and to counter misinformation.


The COVID-19 crisis has revealed how harmful the fake-news phenomenon can be, but it is not the only wake-up call. Several studies confirm that the public perception of migration in Europe is far from reality. The climate of tension and intolerance experienced in recent years in relation to migration and the public perception of the phenomenon is, in part, the result of bad information on the subject, or rather complete misinformation. Stereotypical and trivial, migration speeches are rampant on social networks, this risks to take root on those who most use new media: young people. To try and fix this issue in 2018 the European Commission outlined an Action Plan to step up efforts to counter disinformation in Europe. Between the actions designed by the Plan there are awareness-raising activities linked to media literacy and technology literacy. Inspired by the European guidelines, the reCREATE project established an integrated strategy that includes research and creativity solutions to fight disinformation about the migration phenomenon. Acquiring creative skills, such as video-making and developing creative thinking is the basis for finding solutions to face difficult moments such as the historical one we are living through.


The overall objective of the project is to counter misinformation about migration through the engagement of young people.

The specific objectives are:

• To increase creative skills.

• To encourage critical thinking and young people’s spirit of initiative in regards to misinformation and migration.

• To foster media literacy among young people.

• To enhance awareness on migration.

• To provides young people video-making basic competencies.

• To create new migration narratives by using the participatory-video method.


The direct participants will be young people between 20 and 29 years old.

The project is carried out by a partnership whose strength is diversity, involving both public associations, and social enterprises. The participating organizations come from 7 countries, among the most involved in the migration phenomenon: Irland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, Romania, France. In particular: Champions Factory Irland, Progeu - Progress in European Union, Roes Cooperativa, EBB - Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro, Asociación SEI - Servicio Socioeducativo Intercultural, Scout Society, Association Hexagonale l'Innovation Sociale et de l'Education.


After an initial country-field research on the topic of misinformation and migration, the reCREATE partnership will focus his action towards the development of an e-learning course about media literacy and technology literacy, aimed to develop basic competences to verify information, understand digital communication and enhance critical thinking. Afterwards, the project provides a blended mobility of youth aimed to acquire video-making skills in order to develop alternative narratives using creative tools. The blended mobility foresees a virtual part of mobility, during which participants with be provided with the basic video-making skills and a physical one, where they develop a participatory-video. By using this inclusive and innovative methodology, the young participants will create alternative narratives that will go beyond stigmatization and misinformation.


Both formal and informal methodologies will be expected to be used. The country-field research will be done with a qualitative and quantitative methodology exploration. The learning activities will be carried out with non-formal and participatory approaches. Particularly innovative will be the use of the participatory-video methodology which is used to empowering individuals and communities.


• An increase of young people empowerment and engagement

• A country-field research on misinformation and migration

• A E-learning course on media literacy and technology literacy

• A blended mobility of youth

• An increased capability to verify fake- news

• An improvement of young people critical thinking and media literacy competences

• The development of video-making basic skills

• A participatory-video to create original narratives to tell the migration phenomenon.

• An increase of awareness about the migration issues.


In the long-term, the reCREATE project expects to have a better-informed youth, able to generate a sustainable increase of critical thinking, awareness actions and creative problem solutions.




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